Build Your Tribe Podcast Show Notes: How to go Viral on Multiple Social Media Platforms at once with Brendon Burchard

brendon part 2This is part 2 of my interview with Brendon Burchard where he discusses how to build, grow and specifically target your social media.


Discussed in this podcast:

  • How to do less but maintain a huge presence
  • How to chose which posts to use repetitively and as targeted adds
  • Brendon’s #1 tip for growing a targeted email list





Time Codes:

0:48 Get ready to get started

1:38 Here’s a refresher on Circular Viralacity

3:26 Can the average Joe use Circular Viralacity without much overlap?

4:25 Why a streaming world

5:04 “Reposting the winners” strategy

6:32 Have a consistent thematic message

7:31 Use the insight and learn what already worked

8:11 Why you should start investing on Facebook ads to grow a targeted email list

12:20 What if you think your content isn’t that valuable?

13:36 Consistency, consistency and more consistency

15:53 The golden rule to building a loyal tribe

17:47 Try to serve as many people as you can

20:28 What are you willing to sacrifice to learn

21:33 The most valuable lesson I learned from Brendon

23:42 Take care of your audience first

25:03 Have a good radar for good people

25:36 Think more about how you can make a difference than making money

26:35 Closing thoughts

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