Podcast – Are You A Good Parent | Quieting Mom Guilt

The Psychologically Proven Parenting Traits That Cause Anxiety, Depression, And Other Problems In Children

All parents wonder if they’re doing the right thing. But what does it actually take to be a good parent? Well today, Chalene is going to, in fact, help you figure out if you are getting it right! Not based on her opinion or her principles (although she’s going to share some of those with you, too)… but based on psychologically proven habits and traits that illustrate how parenting has the potential to positively or negatively impact your child’s future as an adult.



You’ll find:

  • How and why Bret and I honored our belief to always be with our kids even when we had separate jobs with crazy hours
  • Why parental guilt can be a good thing
  • What is (and how to identify) misplaced guilt
  • When I experienced guilt as a parent and how I fixed it
  • How to discern whether the guilt you feel as a parent is appropriate or not
  • What is / how to role model healthy habits to your children
  • A clip of my interview with Gary Vaynerchuk where he talks about hustle, parenthood, and sacrifice (and my reaction to it)
  • The importance of helping children understand the value in trusting others and asking questions


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