Great Audio and Podcast Recording on a Budget

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In this episode we discuss the sound quality and minimum requirements for producing a top sounding quality audio broadcast!

5 Steps to great sound quality whether your recording your own audio podcast, a video or a voice over to your screen flow tutorial include:

  1. Untitled design-3 A decent external mic
  2.  A quiet room without echo
  3. A wind screen or Popfilter
  4. Your mouth placement in relationship to the mic
  5. A good audio editor

I record using Audacity – a free recording software
When I’m doing a live interview with someone I do the following…

I do a Skype call (just audio) and I use my external mic setting to select the ATR Audio Technica ATR2100- USB 59.00.  I found it on Amazon and it ships in 2 days.

It sounds weird to say this, but a closet is actually a great place to record.  It’s typically very quite and there’s no echo or wind.  You want to stay away from hard surfaces like, hard wood or tile floors.

I use a 6 dollar Dragon Pop Filter attaches to my mind stand.  This is a MUST!  It’s a wind screen that filters out the pops… the pop pop from your mouth.®-Microphone-Flexible-Gooseneck/dp/B008AOH1O6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1429221103&sr=8-1&keywords=dragonpad+filter

Bossjack – Iphone app for MP3 Recordings.  This is awesome for recording directly to your phone!  The sound quality is crazy good.


Call recorder for interviews via Skype

The Free Sound editing software I use
(Warning: It’s web based. So be sure to save your work on a regular basis as web based applications are known to freeze up and or crash! Bummer!)

Sound proofing desk top booth
(But honestly… you only need this if you’re in a space with tons of echo or external sound!)

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