Podcast – Grow Your Reach | What it Really Means to be Authentic

I sat down with one of my favorite Build Your Tribe guests, and MIA alum, Bob Heilig. We both share what it means to be unapologetically authentic in social media. You’ll hear our perspective on what you should — and shouldn’t —  share to attract the right people to your tribe!



You’ll find out:

  • What stood out to Bob when he first found me on social media
  • What it means to me to show up in an authentic way online
  • What I’m drawn to and not drawn to in other influencers
  • Why and how the more you put out there of yourself, the more people get to know you
  • The person you are in your business is not different than the person you are out of your business
  • The delicate balance of being transparent online and perhaps offending others
  • The backstory of my faith (as a Christian) and Bret’s, too — and my thoughts on how I share that on social



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