Podcast – Traditional Vitamins vs Gummy Supplements | What You Need to Know, with Mike Lee

In this episode, I welcome back Mike Lee — former world-class boxer and one of the founders of Soul CBD. Mike discusses how natural supplementation played a big role in his career as a fighter, all the benefits of CBD, what to look for in a CBD product, the importance of 3rd party lab testing, traditional vitamins vs gummy supplements and why supplements are NOT one size fits all.


You’ll also find out:

  • My thoughts when I first saw gummy vitamins for adults
  • Mike’s trajectory, from chronic illness / anxiety to medication-free
  • Why people experience CBD differently
  • Ways to absorb CBD that affect the bioavailability
  • Why hemp/marijuana has been demonized over the years, according to Mike
  • Will CBD get you high?
  • Why you have to look out for lab testing re: CBD companies
  • How to make a gummy that is helpful/efficacious/tasty
  • Ingredients to avoid in gummies
  • The rewards I feel taking gummies
  • Is the trend of gummies going to continue to grow?
  • Recommendations for kids re: taking gummies
  • What might be a concern re: melatonin



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