Podcast – The Habits of Health and Weight Loss with Ashley Sweeney RD of Phase It Up

Today, I welcome Ashley Sweeney (our lead dietitian for Phase it Up) back to the show! You’ll hear us discuss how to get your health on track by building the right habits — ensuring you won’t feel like you’re on a diet or restrictive plan. We’ll also share why and how 131 Method evolved into Phase it Up and just what you can expect with this super exciting new platform!


You’ll also find out:

  • A brief rundown of my personal health journey which, ultimately, led to the creation of 131 Method
  • The 1 thing that makes the biggest difference between 131 Method and Phase It Up
  • What we forgot to focus on when we created 131 Method
  • What has made a real positive change for members of PIU that wasn’t available in 131
  • Why focusing on habit formation is instrumental and beneficial in diet
  • What is diet phasing
  • Why your health is more important now than it’s ever been
  • What is the Target Phase and how it helps you build lean muscle while shedding pounds
  • How the PIU community stands out from all other “diet” programs
  • The personal coaching aspect of PIU that I’m loving and so are the members
  • How to know where to start after signing up for PIU
  • Why PIU doesn’t include workouts
  • How PIU is different from a diet plan



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