Podcast – How to Have a Healthier Mindset

I believe if we understand how / why our mindset and beliefs are formed, then we have a really good chance of changing them for the better. In this episode, I’ll explain how we create self-limiting beliefs — often from an early age — and what we need to do to change them! By doing so, you’ll create a more positive and healthy mindset today!


You’ll hear:

  • How my parents labeled my siblings and I
  • How the labels / dialogue / beliefs we’re exposed to as children ALL begin to shape our early mindset
  • How external dialogue results in our internal dialogue
  • Why we repeat apparent truths to ourselves until we actually believe them to be true
  • The power of repetition re: what we desire
  • Why we often look for evidence that back up our beliefs
  • My suggestion on thinking about a time you had evidence that didn’t support a belief
  • Why and how we self-sabotage in an effort to protect our beliefs (even when they don’t serve us)
  • Why you must clean house (e.g., social media, people you decide to hang with) to improve your mindset
  • Personal anecdotes with people in my life who allowed their environment to dictate their mindset



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