Podcast – Warning Signs of Orthorexia and Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

Even if you’re not someone who’s addicted to exercise or healthy food choices, this episode is going to be beneficial to you. In today’s show, I’ll break down Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (disruption of your menstrual cycle) and Orthorexia (obsessing over a healthy diet). These 2 conditions may be triggered by numerous surprising factors and you need to know about them!


You’ll also find:

  • Breaking down what hypothalamic amenorrhea is
  • Causes for hypothalamic amenorrhea
  • Why practicing a Keto for life diet can result in losing one’s period
  • Why the medical community is not up to date on this condition
  • What is Orthorexia
  • How social media has normalized orthorexia
  • Some of the signs you might be suffering from orthorexia
  • How to discern when your good practices re: food and exercise have become an addiction
  • Signs you might be suffering from an addiction to exercise
  • My personal story which explains why I’m so passionate about this subject today
  • How you can heal from these conditions through awareness and education


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