Podcast – Getting Help For A Loved One Who Struggles with Addiction

Today, I continue on the topic of addiction by focusing on how to get help for a loved one who is an alcoholic or an addict. You’ll hear this complex subject approached from varying angles, including: what to do if the addict doesn’t want help / is in complete denial and what it takes to have a successful intervention. Most specifically, I’ll illustrate how and why — if having a loved one who’s an addict is your current reality — your most important job is to take care of you. 



You’ll find out…

  • Why the messages I heard from you on this subject were surprisingly inspirational
  • Voice messages from adult children of alcoholics speaking directly to you (if you’re the enabling partner)
  • Why we rationalize someone’s addiction coming from the age were at such time the trauma occurred
  • Why you must seek out an Interventionist the right way
  • Insight on why Jeff Jay wrote the book, Love First
  • What to emphasize during an intervention
  • How to handle it if family members refuse to stop enabling the addict
  • Examples on how to ruin an intervention
  • Where you must start when you want to help someone who’s an addict
  • How to deal with a family member who’s at the root of the enabling
  • Advice for someone who keeps putting off the fact they need to get help


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