Help! I’m So Inflexible | Functional Flexibility For Those Who Hate It

PiYO_111213_0896These Friday Fit episodes are designed to give a quick fit tip that is short, easy for you to digest, and exactly what you need to create a better mindset and stronger body. In this episode I’m kicking it Keith Harris. A dear friend of mine who has lost over 100 pounds! In this episode we chat about how so many of neglect to incorporate flexibility training into our workout routine. We know we need cardiovascular and muscular strength. However, we seem to always neglect flexibility training.

Flexibility is not something that is noticeable from walking down the street, so the rewards come from how your body feels! Flexibility training will help you feel more fluid in your movements, it can decrease daily aches and pains, and proper flexibility sets the body up for greater force production. Did you know that a properly flexible muscle has 25% greater strength potential because it’s able to go through full range of motion? This is crazy cool right!!?PiYO_111213_0835

Tips for flexibility:
– You don’t have to just do static stretching. If you find that static stretching is boring and not enjoyable, find a more dynamic routine like PiYo that not only increases the body’s dynamic flexibility but also builds strength.
– Make sure the body is warmed up prior to stretching.


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