Podcast – From Sex Trafficking Survivor To Hero Mom, Elizabeth Frazier

Today’s episode may be one where people read the title and decide not to listen due to the extremely tough subject matter. But I trust you’ll decide to listen to Elizabeth Frazier’s crucially important story of perseverance and strength. Elizabeth is a mother of 5 and survivor of child sex trafficking at the hands of her own parents. While her story will fill you with outrage and utter disbelief, you’ll be overcome with hope and love when you learn of Elizabeth’s trajectory. Her life’s mission is to bravely bring awareness to child sex trafficking in order to save children from a similar fate as her own. Get ready to be moved and inspired.


You’ll find out:

  • Why I’m proud of YOU for listening to this episode
  • Elizabeth’s backstory
  • What it feels like for Elizabeth when she shares her past with new people in her life
  • How often Elizabeth feels rejected from others when sharing her story
  • How Elizabeth eventually shared her past with her husband
  • Is it right to ask a lot of questions when learning about someone’s difficult past?
  • Why Elizabeth feels her parents probably never loved her
  • When Elizabeth realized her upbringing wasn’t normal
  • The 1st time Elizabeth felt fear
  • What is her relationship like with her siblings
  • How Elizabeth confronts feelings of vengeance
  • What you need to be aware of that’s happening right under your nose (e.g., child pornography, etc.)
  • How involved Elizabeth’s parents were with her sex trafficking / child pornography
  • What signs adults didn’t pick up on that Elizabeth was in distress
  • Why Elizabeth doesn’t like when people compare their lives to hers
  • Did Elizabeth spiral into drugs and things as we might assume someone of her childhood experiences would?
  • Why she didn’t take certain actions (like, run away) while growing up in such awful conditions
  • What unknown Elizabeth was afraid of
  • How Elizabeth kept her past from her husband (and how it felt holding onto her big secret)
  • How open Elizabeth was in therapy
  • Advice Elizabeth has for those who want to confront a past abuser
  • Elizabeth’s evolution in speaking about her story publicly
  • What Elizabeth feels we, as a country, are doing wrong re: trafficking and pornography
  • How Elizabeth, as a mom, allows herself not to be tormented by all that is going on in the world
  • How Elizabeth would change the way we talk to our kids about these ugly realities
  • The first steps one should take to confront their painful past



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