Podcast – Hey, Moms! Stop Pretending!

Today’s keeping-it-real episode is inspired by a recent thought provoking and, perhaps, controversial post from my Instagram Stories. Now, while the title suggests it’s about all things mom, I promise that dads — and any parent-to-be — will find the content super helpful!

If you’re a parent and looking to live an all-around better quality life, this show is a MUST-LISTEN!


You’ll find out…

  • The details behind my IG Story that inspired this episode
  • The importance of finding a mentor / speaker who aligns with your priorities
  • Why / how so many leaders in the speaking world — who happen to be moms — aren’t exactly honest about their lives
  • Personal anecdotes from my life about how / why Bret and I decided to outsource some “mom duties” (when we were broke), how I felt about it, and the impact it had on our lives
  • How staying organized is imperative for your brain health, especially for a parent
  • How Bret and I realized we couldn’t afford NOT to have help
  • How our roles as parents (and even business owners) improved because of investing in getting help around the house
  • The duties I would hand over to my “life assistant,” Kristin, because no parent can or should do everything 
  • How and why, ironically, my recent lifestyle change — empty nester, downsizing home — has prompted me to seek help around the home again
  • Why it’s inauthentic for moms, who are leaders in the speaking world, to give the impression they’re doing it all 
  • Why you gotta be honest about the image you’re portraying in Social Media
  • Suggestions on reaching out to your fave influencer (who seems to do it all)
  • My Call To Action to female Influencers
  • Why it’s critical to keep your priorities straight, in general, but especially as a parent



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