Podcast – High Converting Landing Pages

How To Get People To Take Action On Your Page

Let’s talk all about landing pages, sales pages, opt-in pages, freemium pages, and lead pages. Bottom line: Any page where you want people, specifically, to take action. And that’s the goal for those of us building our businesses online! Well, in this episode, I’ll break down the differences among all of these pages! You’ll learn when and why you should be using certain pages, and the best way to implement them!



You’ll also find out…

  • Why you need to create a stand-alone landing page
  • Where to create a free landing page
  • The importance of optimizing your pages for mobile
  • Why you must have a campaign in mind BEFORE you design your page
  • Why your page’s speed (i.e., loading time) is crucial to your success
  • Why your headline should solve/address a problem
  • What you should be asking for if you want highest conversion rates
  • The intent behind your hero image and/or video
  • Tips for a killer landing page video
  • Personal (and recent) hard lesson I learned with the 131 Method landing page video
  • What should live above the header on your page
  • How to best utilize your CTA (call to action) button
  • Why and how to test conversion rates


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