Podcast – The History Behind the Ketogenic Diet with Dr. Dominic D’Agostino

What is Ketosis? Why are people so intimidated by the Ketogenic diet?

Ketosis has incredible health benefits, but it tends to get a bad rap. Just like any other new diet on the market, people are quick to judge and are easily intimidated. In this episode, the science and history behind the ketogenic diet will be broken down for you. Have you wondered why all these healthy fats are claimed to be so good for you AND how to determine what foods consist of healthy fats? Well sit tight, this whole approach to eating is about to get a lot clearer for you. You need to understand why this way of eating is so beneficial to your health, and why it is often approached incorrectly. Because when you are able to approach the ketogenic diet the right way… it might just change your life.

Dr. Dominic D’Agostino is the ultimate expert on ketones and the ketogenic diet, and he is devoted to human performance. Let me just say, his words and brilliant research can be wholly trusted. His research is supported by the US Office of Naval Research, The Department of Defense, private organizations, and countless foundations. In this episode, Dr. Dom will answer the commonly posed question… “What is ketosis?”. You’ll learn exactly where this ketogenic diet originated from AND what it’s all about. 

ketogenic diet

What You Will Learn In This Podcast About The Ketogenic Diet: 

  • Why have we been hearing so much about ketosis in the last 5 years? (4:50)
  • What is Angelman Syndrome (AS)? (8:05)
  • Various neurological disorders are improved through the implementation of ketosis. (9:30)
  • What is ketosis? (9:50)
  • How your body liberates fat. (10:30)
  • The Blood-Brain Theory explained. (11:05)
  • The ketogenic diet mimics the effects of fasting in your body. (12:50)
  • How your body transitions into a fat burning mode. (13:50)
  • The body will do everything it can to maintain fuel supply. (14:45)
  • Why some people feel more lucid or energetic when they go into a fasted state. (17:15)
  • Why you need to train your body to not be dependent on carbohydrates. (18:50)
  • Ketosis’s role in the treatment of hormone imbalance. (22:45)
  • How stress can cause inflammation in the brain. (24:40)

The 131 Method is NOT a ketogenic diet (or a diet, for that matter), but we do help you explore the various dietary approaches and which works best for YOUR body through the phasing of diets. If the ketogenic diet has now sparked some interest in you, you can count on learning all about it and how to safely apply it to your lifestyle in The 131 Method. To learn more, you can go to 131Method.com.


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