Podcast – Divorce | An Honest Chat About Leaving Your Mate

Finding Peace in Separation and Making the Most of the Situation

Going through a divorce? Are you constantly feeling scared that you made the wrong decision to end your marriage, even though you know at heart that it was the best decision? Join me and my girls for a special Car Smart episode recorded en route to a girl’s night out festivity. Listen as my friends share their personal experiences and endeavors with both a struggling marriage and divorce.

We were in our Uber and on our way to a Go-Go’s concert when, of the cuff, I told my friends I needed to record the Car Smart episode for this week. I told them the topic was gonna be on divorce and I gave them absolutely no time to prepare. Yes, this may have been a slightly cruel thing to surprise my friends with on the way to a concert, but they all agreed afterward that it was incredibly nice to converse with one another and share their stories. (This shows that getting deep can result in a growth of connectedness in your friendships).

Divorce and a problematic marriage are relatable topics; everyone’s experiences with the two are unique, yet there is often a common ground that we all stand on when it comes to the foundations of relationships in marriage. In this episode, you’ll get a sneak-peek into my best gal friends’ lives and their experiences with discovering that their marriages weren’t working for them. Each of these beautiful women (that I am fortunate to call my best friends) share their own personal stories, what they learned, and how their experiences have shaped them and their relationships with loved-ones today. You won’t want to miss this.


What You Will Learn In This Podcast on Divorce:

  • Feelings can become mutual once you discuss them openly with your partner. Speak up! (4:00)
  • Happiness can be easily disguised. Here are some symptoms that may indicate you are disguising your happiness and escaping your true feelings. (4:30)
  • How to stay united as a family after the divorce. (5:35)
  • Make sure divorce is what you really want to do because you can’t go back. (6:18)
  • Is it common to feel guilt and question yourself after choosing to divorce? (9:10)
  • The common assumption that both individuals in the relationship are gonna grow and have their shortcomings. ( 11:30)
  • Why you shouldn’t put a lot of weight on what people think when you’re going through a divorce. (12:20)
  • Signs that it’s the right time for you to leave your marriage. (13:30)
  • The important role your marriage has on your children. (16:15)
  • The role of therapy in the divorce process. ( 20:50)
  • The last thing you want to do in a situation where you’re choosing divorce. (21:00)


Thank you so so much for listening. I know this episode carries the weight of a heavy, sensitive topic… but honestly, we feel so fortunate that today’s technology (through the amazingness of podcasting) has provided us the ability to share with you our best advice on relationships in general for free. I hope you can take away a piece of each of my friend’s stories and grow from their words.


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