Podcast – How to Test Hormone Levels at Home, with Ashley Sweeney and Dr. Carrie Jones

Today, I turn the show over to Ashley Sweeney, lead Dietician for Phase It Up — our health/habits/nutrition program. Ashley talks with Dr. Carrie Jones (internationally recognized speaker, consultant, and educator on the topic of Women’s Health & Hormones). They’ll share how stress affects hormones, what you can do to balance hormone levels, if you should be hormone testing, and so much more!


You’ll find out:

  • Why women above the age of 40 tend to be neglected re: their hormone health
  • What is the Dutch Test
  • How Dr. Carrie got involved with the Dutch Test
  • What is a steroid pathway
  • Why the term hormones is broadly encompassing
  • Who Dr. Carrie recommends having hormone testing
  • How cortisol plays a role in perimenopause
  • How diet plays a role in your hormones
  • What is metabolically flexible
  • How do you actually know when you’re in perimenopause / menopause
  • Dr. Carrie’s thoughts on Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Why estrogen has had a bad wrap
  • How to gauge the quantity and type of estrogen to take
  • All things melatonin
  • How serotonin affects the status of melatonin
  • How to go about taking the dutch test



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