Podcast – How Coronavirus Will Impact Business and How to Shift

Today’s episode is from a Live Webinar with Bret and I. And it’s absolutely essential listening if you’re an entrepreneur, business owner (of any kind), network marketer, or independent contractor. In our usual candid and no-nonsense way, we offer specific strategies of how to pivot and what you should be thinking about in our current climate — from worst-case scenarios to the many possibilities that exist. Whether your business is still up and running, partially running or had to close the doors for now… this show is a must listen! That is, if you’re looking to stand out in these unprecedented times.


You’ll find out…

  • Newest predictions for unemployment rates
  • Our history with businesses we’ve owned and how we relate to uncertain times
  • How Bret is currently reaching out to people (in our personal life)
  • How to reverse engineer the domino effect that may be related to your industry
  • How Bret and I decided to strategize our businesses during this time
  • What advertisers who sponsor podcasts are currently doing
  • The importance of thinking how consumers might react to different businesses right now and how it effects planning your own course of action
  • The question I pose to you — if you’re in a service provider biz — to help you strategize for the future in a very real way
  • Why it’s imperative to consider how to solve problems in this current climate
  • The question someone just asked me which put me on the spot
  • The super inspiring (and instructive) email I just received from a business owner / MIA student
  • My advice for restaurants
  • Questions business owners need to ask themselves right now
  • What Bret and I are doing for our current MIA students that is very specific to this uncertain time
  • Why and how MIA is changing — for the first time ever — during this pandemic
  • What the MIA Playbook is, what it covers, and why it’s the #1 fave resource of students



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