Podcast – How I Cope with ADD

In past episodes, I’ve discussed the topic of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). My husband, Bret, even opened up on this podcast about how he copes, as a spouse, with my ADD. Well, in today’s show, I’ll approach the subject from a new angle: living with ADD from my personal perspective (as someone who has been diagnosed with the disorder) and how my experiences differ today versus the first 45 years of my life — before I was ever diagnosed.


You’ll hear:

  • My thoughts on doctors diagnosing ADD today
  • Suggestions on what kind of physician to seek out if you might have symptoms of ADD
  • Personal tips — with specific examples — on how to cope with ADD
  • Why no one should attempt multi-tasking, but especially those with ADD
  • The importance of creating structure in your daily life (and how to)
  • Why I have text alerts on my phone for seemingly obvious everyday tasks
  • How I learned to time block my day and the mentor who showed me how
  • What is External Storage and why you need to know
  • How to protect your environment to enhance your productivity
  • Why you need physical triggers
  • The power of creating lists
  • What is the brain’s superpower
  • How I handle medication re: ADD



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