Podcast – How I Manage My Email Inbox

In this episode, I share my own personal email management system. SPOILER ALERT: I only check my inbox once a week! But that didn’t happen overnight. This episode will serve as an excellent training tool for anyone working (especially as an assistant) with someone who has ADHD!


You’ll find out:

  • How I honor my priorities in both business & home life
  • Why, right now in particular, I’m consciously doing things to make my life less stressful (and what those things are)
  • How this episode differs from prior email related podcasts
  • How I work with my virtual assistant, on the daily, re: my emails
  • Why it’s very rare that I need to login to my inbox
  • What goes into labeling different types of emails (e.g., Urgent, Of Interest, etc.)
  • Why I recommend Gmail above all else
  • What are canned responses 
  • My candid thoughts on Slack
  • Where I suggest hiring someone to manage your inbox (and the process that might entail)


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