Podcast – How to Launch Using Pop-ups, Bootcamps and Challenge Groups, with Jill Stanton

My guest, Jill Stanton, and I share mind-blowing information around the subject of launching your thing — whether it’s a course, a membership, a coaching program or whatever it is you’re trying to get off the ground! With her non-traditional tips, Jill will teach you everything you need to know about Pop-ups, Challenge Groups and Bootcamps. If you’re looking to launch your thing or even have the slightest curiosity about it, then this episode is a CAN’T-MISS! 



You’ll find out:

  • What is a Pop Up Group, exactly
  • The intention of joining a Pop Up
  • Why people struggle in creating a course
  • What is a 10 Percentage
  • Why your Pop Up needs to serve your prospective customer’s main objection
  • What is the Pop Up Group Accelerator
  • The price point range that works best for a Pop Up
  • The advantages and disadvantages for offering a free workshop / challenge inside a Pop Up group
  • How one fills up their Pop Up when they have no following
  • How far out (in time) does one start promoting their Pop Up
  • How Pop Ups differ from Webinars
  • Why you want to be teaching the WHAT and the WHY, but not the HOW
  • When you make your pitch inside your Pop Up
  • How much it costs Jill to acquire a new customer (i.e., average customer value)
  • The biggest win around paid Pop Ups
  • How long your cart should be open
  • Why it’s not in your best interest to give people extra time to decide on something
  • How much time you give people to enter the group (before you close it)
  • Different types of bonuses to offer (new) members of your group
  • Bonuses that might prove a deterrent to prospective students / members
  • The difference between internal and external objections



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