How Much Free Content is Too Much?

You’ve got a podcast, a blog, an awesome freemium, active social media accounts, and a YouTube series, but you struggle with the question of, “How much free content is too much?” In this episode, I talk to you about the important relationships you can develop by offering free materials and, ultimately, I hope to help you understand the real value of the content that you give away.

It comes down to two important ideas:

1. Free content is how you attract your specific audience.

By creating free materials, you’re able to create a relationship with the kind of lifer you want. These are people who feel like they know you and can trust you before they make that financial commitment to them. But, when they do commit, they’re more likely to take what you say to heart since you have already proven to them that you have valuable insights to offer.

Also, by creating free content, you’re giving your lifers the ability to share your ideas with their friends. It’s free and shareable, so now they can say, “Are you listening to so-and-so? She’s brilliant! Here’s the link…” That’s a win-win for everybody: the friend gets great content and you’ve got an army of promoters out there.

2. There is always someone else doing what you do, so show people what you know!

No matter who you are, there is somebody else out there who is trying to do something similar to you. By giving away some content, you’re able to show people who you are and why they would choose you over anybody else. Take these opportunities to highlight what you do differently.

Obviously, there is a limit to what you should give away. But, having said that, there is still plenty to be gained by investing the time in creating free content – your future lifers will thank you.

* * *

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