How Much Should you Share in Social Media

So how much is too much in social media? Before we move forward, I want you to take a look at your OWN presence on social media.  And why should you care?  Social media is the new currency. It what allows you to secure the right job.  It what your friends and family use to stay up to date on you. It’s how a potential future mate is using to analyze who you are.

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So look at the last week, or month of posts you’ve done.

Look at each post and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does this post help or inspire someone?
  • Is this post for you? Or have you created it to serve others?
  • Is what you’ve posted authentically you? or are you trying to portray a certain “image”?
  • What is the point of this post?
    • Is it meant to entertain, help, be funny, serve, or looking for feedback?
    • How would a stranger view this post?
  • Is what your about to post, going to offend someone?  And it’s totally okay if it is.  But just carefully consider if its worth it.  If it’s central to who you are, then I think you should be okay with posting it.  However, if it’s not central to who you are, then it might not be worth offending others.

Take a look at your social media and be honest with yourself. What areas can you improve?  What posts do you maybe need to remove?

The final thing I want you to ask yourself is, are you creating and portraying integrity?  I hope that you are.  I hope that if for some reason you’re not, moving forward into 2017, you will change the tone of your social media.  People want to connect with you. People want to see your true authentic self.  But I hope and pray that you move forward helping and serving others and doing it with integrity.

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