How Much You Should Share on Social Media

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EP. 220

Have you ever wondered if you’re sharing too much information on social media? Today, we’ll talk about the do’s and dont’s when it comes to the way you use social media to promote yourself or your brand. Remember there are exceptions to every rule that will be discussed here. For instance, there are always gonna be those people that break the rules… and it still works out for them.

Now you may listen to this episode and have a specific friend come to your mind that you want to extend what you learn to. BUT HOLD UP. Rather than sharing the specific concepts that I discuss with that special someone that comes to your mind, I highly recommend you simply just share this whole episode with them. This is a touchy subject and you may want to avoid insulting this person. Sharing the whole episode is a kinder and safer gesture, in my opinion. To share this episode, you can do so directly from iTunes. Just copy the link and forward it to your friends! Or, direct them to this page. Moving on…

How is social media used today? We often use social media to broadcast who we are as human beings, as well as what we are all about. Therefore, I’m sure you can agree that the way in which we portray ourselves is incredibly important. Although, it seems that we don’t often put enough effort into the way we plan out how we want to be portrayed.

Today I’m gonna breeze through a list of questions that will help you to identify where you stand in regards to the way you establish your character through the use of social media. As you listen, I want you to be reflective and be aware of how YOU are using social media. Focus on yourself here, and be honest with yourself.

Here are the questions I want you to ask yourself as you look through each of the posts you have posted on social media OR that you plan to post:

1. Does this post help or inspire someone?
2. Is this post for me, or have I created it to serve/connect with others?
3. Is what I’m posting authentic to who I am? Or, am I trying to authenticate something that is not really who I am?
4. How authentic am I when I am posting? How real is this? Whatever your posting should be real, but it should match your brand/the message you’re trying to share with people.
5. What is the point of this post? Is it interesting, entertaining, helpful, funny, meant to serve, or are you looking for feedback? If it isn’t for any of those purposes… you probably shouldn’t be posting it. You also want to ask yourself… is this post interesting or funny to someone who is a stranger to me?
6. Is what you’re about to post going to offend some people? And if it might be offensive, is it worth it? Is it at least central to who I am?
7. Does my social media make other people feel bad? Are you maybe showing off a little bit? Do you think there is more to you that you are holding back and hiding from your following?

When we see lavish, perfect posts… you gotta admit, we are quick to judge. We like seeing posts of pretty “things”, but perfect posts do indeed make us envy the individual who is posting them. The lesson we can learn from this is… If you want to be liked for being you (think about your personality and your purpose in life), you may need to rethink how you want to portray yourself.

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Questions Asked in This Episode
1. Do you have friends who you are certain they don’t know they are oversharing on social media? (0:08)
2. How cleaned up do you want your social media platforms to be? (9:50)
3. What is your reason/purpose for posting on to social media? (13:45)
4. Can people come to expect a certain type of content from you? (24:30)
5. And so much more..

What You’ll Learn in This Episode
1. Why you must make sure you are lifting others up through your posts (6:20)
2. How to make sure what you’re posting isn’t dated (7:45)
3. How you can easily tell that someone is a phony on social media (9:00)
4. And so much more..

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