Quest Nutrition’s Quest for Success & How They Used Mirror Marketing To Do It

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Can you build one of America’s fastest growing companies by focusing on value and community? Well, based on the success of Question Nutrition, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!”. I speak with Tom Bilyeu, the co-founder and President of Question Nutrition – the second fastest growing company in the United States. We talk about mirror marketing, developing both a corporate culture and a customer culture, and what’s really important in business. Quest’s success can’t be denied and so every entrepreneur will benefit from listening to what Tom has to say/

TOM-HEADSHOT-2-e1426793876334-300x300-1426795843Quest Nutrition co-founder and President Tom Bilyeu didn’t start out in the health-food business. Before turning his focus to creating nutritious snacking options, the University of Southern California graduate had a successful career in the technology sector, serving as the CMO of Awareness Technologies for almost eight years. After the sale of the data loss company in 2010, Bilyeu started to seek new opportunities that he could feel passionate about. A shared love of fitness and passion for healthy eating brought him together with Awareness Technologies’ founders, Ron Penna and Mike Osborn. Unable to find a protein bar that wasn’t full of sugars and additives, the co-founders took inspiration from the homemade nutrition bars Penna’s wife, Shannan, would send into the Awareness Technologies’ office.

Armed with rolling pins, knives, and idealism, the three partners starting crafting the first Quest Nutrition Bars from a small commercial kitchen in 2010. From the launch of their first two flavors that year, the business experienced continuous growth. Soon they were purchasing their first machinery to produce the bars, then customizing that machinery to their specific needs, and eventually developing a host of other flavors and products. Despite struggles in mass producing the product while maintaining the ideals it was founded on, Quest Nutrition has managed to see continuous rapid expansion while holding to their principles. Now a thriving company of 630 employees, they offer more than fifteen flavors of QuestBars, as well as various other products, including protein powders, pasta, chips, and peanut butter cups. The El Segundo, California made Inc Magazine’s list of the 5000 fastest-growing companies in the United States in 2014, coming in as the second-fastest-growing company in the nation that year.

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