How to Balance Family and Business

I think it was 2004, maybe 2005. We are just talking about this the other day trying to pinpoint the year. My mom was in town to help get my daughter and Brock, my daughter Cierra and my son Brock to and from their sports activities, help kind of making meals because it was a period of time of about four weeks where I had to complete every single workout for Turbo Jam which was my very first infomercial. I think that was about nine workouts.

Back then, workouts were really different. They were longer. I choreographed every single move to the music. I selected all the music. I worked with the producers to put in sound effects and select the right music and it was just a lot more involved than it is kind of today to create workout programs. It also meant designing the meal plan, selecting the right cast members, rehearsing for all of these videos, going back and forth to LA which was like an hour and hour-and-a-half, sometimes a 2-hour drive there and another 2 hours back.

At the same time, Bret and I were also building our own company Powder Blue Productions, which we have since sold many years ago, but at that time, we were building a clothing company and that’s incredibly stressful. You are working on production and you are looking at quality control and designs and manufacturing and we were also developing certification programs for health clubs and we were serving fitness instructors by creating workouts that came out on a continuity basis.


That meant every 8 to 12 weeks, I was doing new workouts for fitness instructors and creating the music and the choreography and the clothing to go with all of that. All of this was happening at the same time, everything. Infomercial, apparel line, our motivational camps as well as our certification programs and continuity videos. It was a lot and social media was just starting to pop and I was really trying to figure that out as well. Actually I was trying to do all of this. I was trying to figure out all of this, myself. And I have shared this story before that this was kind of like it was a breaking point that I didn’t really realize was a breaking point.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to tell this story, and thank you for listening.

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