How To Be Limitless | with, Jim Kwik

Today, I talk about upgrading your life by defining your potential as limitless — which all starts with your brain. My guest, Jim Kwik, is a world renowned memory expert and, in fact, I’ve been one of his students for years. Mr. Kwik’s new book, Limitless, covers all of The Chalene Show’s favorite topics, like: mindset, motivation and how-to’s. Now, be sure to get out a pen and paper because this episode is super interactive and, trust me, you’ll want (and need) to take lots of notes! And I suggest to listen on repeat because the information is just too good!


You’ll find out:

  • Jim’s backstory
  • How much of life boils down to choice
  • Why self-awareness is a super power
  • Why Jim chose to write his first book (and the topic it’s focused on)
  • Why and how focus is a muscle
  • How to first identify your mindset
  • How to keep your retention higher
  • How to take notes the right way
  • How much of our mindset is learned
  • Jim’s 3-step formula for motivation
  • Why we’re never able to remember certain things no matter how often repeated
  • What is true intelligence
  • The 7 LIEs to learning
  • How to memorize most efficiently using P-I-E
  • The importance of your community
  • How to combat stress management
  • A guided Imagination Story
  • What is the Memory Palace
  • Why children learn so much (and better)




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