How to Build Your Own Brand within a Separate Brand with Winn Claybaugh | Part 1

How to build your own brand within a separate brand with Winn Claybaugh

I welcome Winn to the Build Your Tribe community today because this a man who has figured out how to build his own brand within a huge global brand.

And many of us struggle with this! Whether it’s how to build your own brand or how to create your own brand while representing a larger business.

So, this is a 2 parter! And you are definitely going to want to listen to BOTH parts!

For your convenience, you can download both episodes below.

DOWNLOAD PART 1 >> How to Build Your Own Brand within a Separate Brand with Winn Claybaugh

DOWNLOAD PART 2 >> How Team Building Impacts  Your Personal Brand with Winn Claybaugh

Topics Covered in this Episode:
– How do you align yourself with a brand?
– Your own brand is your reputation.
– Do your research and determine if the company you’re going to align yourself with is in alignment with your personal brand and priorities.
– The strategy be hind building your brand within a business.
– How to be a good leader.
– Why you should spend time everyday growing as a person.
– The things you should be careful of, in protection of your brand.
– How to handle when the business you represents, produces a product you don’t stand behind.

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Winn Claybaugh
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Author of BE NICE (OR ELSE!)
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