How to Complain | When and Why it’s Okay to Complain

Beach Body Summit 1Even though this episode is all about complaining, I want to start it off by thanking you for your support of the Chalene Show!  I can’t do this without you guys… Seriously!

We’ve been taught not to complain…but sometimes the right kind of complaint, with proper intention is not just okay, but down right necessary!  In this episode I take you through different types of complaints and how each one can determine the result.

Three types of complaining:

Therapeutic complaint – get it off your chest. Be very careful with this type of complaint. When done with gratitude… It’s safe. No harm is intended and most importanly the person you’re complaining to knows you really don’t mean it, kinda.  I give you a personal example of a Girlfriend of mine.

Denegrate Complaint – Done to belitle, to punish or hurt, to undermine, based sometimes in jealous, or malicious intent. We discuss the source to whom you’re complaining and the fact that this type of complaining is never healthy.summit

Constructive Complaint – Your complain is directed to the right person. Your intention is only to improve things for yourself and others. Your delivery is thoughtful, well researched, kind and without emotion.

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