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Today, together with my husband Bret, we wish to share with you some tips on how to Date your Partner. Whether you are married or when still single I think this is the perfect topic to see on what qualities you should look for a perfect mate. This will highly improve your relationship and never lose that spark you once had when you first had your first date or when you were still on the honeymoon stage whatsoever. When you are married for a long time like us, 24 years it is inevitable that you may not have all the time with each other especially when you have kids. It will be more difficult to cope with differences, the tasks you both do every day since both of you are hooked up on doing your role, could be the provider the nurturer or just simply how you both go around the household. And that may cause for some relationships to falter. So how do we still keep the fire burning for 24 years? Being married for a long time is like every day you will discover new things about your partner. Whether it’s super crazy, that will amuse you and sometimes may simple gross you out but no matter what, if you focus more on the good things that your partner does all those negative qualities that you discovered will right away be overlooked.

Always remember to make your partner a priority. You set a plan and calendar things or dates that both of you do and enjoy together. It is critical in marriage when couple don’t spend too much time with each other as some will grow apart. Thus we share these tips on how we still keep up even with having kids most especially on the romance side.

  1. Compliment. So you are going on a date as planned. As husband you are downstairs waiting for your partner or your wife to get dressed and done with her makeup and all. You’ll know that she’s done as she walks down the stairs. So whether you are watching TV or on your laptop, stop whatever you are doing and say something nice. Compliment her hair or outfit or shoes whatever you think is nice as you may sound truthful. Don’t ask why she takes too much time dressing up, because the more time she gets herself beautiful it’s always comes out with best results. Also husbands have yourself prepared before your partners do so she will have the full reign in the bathroom. Another thing is make her feel important or let her know you are paying attention to how she fixes herself by telling her “ I like that cute top you wore on our last date” or “the shoes matches well on your dress” something like that. It makes her feel good and she would love to look good more. Whenever your partner feels attractive or beautiful it always reciprocates in a good way.
  1. Be Creative. Think of any creative and exciting way to ask your partner on a date. Even if you’ve been married for 24 years! What Bret does is he turns in early and sneak a note down under the car mirror as he knows I will always flip down the mirror to check my lipstick. A note pops up, in his handwriting saying: “Honey I’d like to take you out on Friday night. Or one time he will bring me home flowers with handwritten note about your last date. It could say, “Just had the most amazing time last night! Or offline messages on IM any cool and creative ways for wife to be surprised no matter how simple or cheap it may be. The goal is to surprise her with creativeness and that will always come out with best results.
  1. Plan a Pamper Day. You planned a date on Saturday night with your wife or partner and should also plan a pamper time for your partner like say that Saturday morning. Book your wife to a nail salon or have her hair done. Just tell her she has the whole day to herself and that you’ll take charge of the house and kids. This will take her off the usual daily routine she does, errands, etc and have time for herself. And since you are going on a date that night she’ll look more beautiful more relaxed and you will definitely have a good time.
  1. Surprise. To us, Bret is the good planner. He does all the planning all the time for us whether on dates or family vacation. He does better with that. So, I plan a date night instead and surprise him, like the last time I did out of an ordinary day we invited few friends and I packed some biscuits and some snacks with wine and drove off to somewhere parked the car and had a good chat and picnic with friends. Just anything fun and cute for him or something you have never done before. A cheap and spontaneous date can go as a crazy date. One of you is a great planner and make sure you let your partner know that you are ok with them planning from time to time but also ask Is it ok if I plan the date night tonight. We also go to different restaurants but first look it up on YELP where you’ll find great restaurants and great reviews whatever is new that we wanted to try. Another tip is have a date night turn into a sleepover. Like one time we had dinner at a nice hotel and I told Bret, “Honey guess what were staying in this hotel for the night!” it really surprised him and we enjoyed the company of just the two of us together.
  1. Simple Presents. Presents doesn’t have to be expensive. Could be chocolate or roses. It’s the the sense of giving and it’s more fun when it comes unexpected. One time Bret was looking at a watch and I know he plans to buy it on our anniversary but I bought and gave it to him before our anniversary and that really surprised him.
  1. Date night doesn’t have to be at night. It could be a workout in the middle of the day, could be brunch or going to your partners office and invite for a cup coffee. Plan with spontaneity. Break out the normal daily routine like ask for a date on Thursday noon. Or breakfast dates or any special place. Nothing is more important than honouring your partner and making them feel important. Also check out something new like new restaurants or outdoor stuff that you both enjoy. Dates can also be at home, like what we had the last time we made our room like a little sanctuary and had a nice movie. Just enjoy the company with each other it will be all worth it.

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