Podcast – How to Embrace Negative Feedback

Does negative feedback make you defensive, embarrassed or even angry? In this episode, I’ll share why I feel negative feedback (i.e., criticism) is actually something to get excited about. Hint: it’s often a fantastic opportunity to grow and improve oneself!


You’ll find out:

  • Why / how I got into the fitness industry
  • The time I received constructive (negative) feedback re: teaching fitness (and how it shaped me)
  • The 1st thing you have to do with negative feedback
  • Why I truly appreciate constructive criticism
  • That time a stranger gave me negative feedback (on social media) and I listened and took her suggestion (and then agreed with her)
  • Why you shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed with feedback on social media
  • My recommendation on how to react to negative feedback (in the moment)
  • The best way to investigate feedback
  • Why it’s imperative to consider WHY you’re receiving such feedback
  • How you should treat the person who gave you negative feedback
  • Why you might want to consider asking people in your life for feedback (with suggestions)



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