Podcast – 5 Ways To Stop Negative Self-Talk

While there are many resources out there dedicated to the topic of ending negative self-talk — podcasts, blogs, YouTube videos — many of the tips often discussed are just plain old corny and ineffective. But today, I’m going to give you 5 very realistic things (that actually work) you can do to end the cycle of negative self-thinking.


You’ll also find out…

  • How to know if you are, indeed, in the habit of negative self criticism
  • How negative self-talk is related to goal mastery
  • The importance of catching yourself when you’re speaking negatively to yourself
  • Why we often dismiss our negative self-talk
  • Where our negative self-talk stems from
  • How our subconscious mind reinforces negative self-talk
  • The negative self-talk a lot of women participate in
  • A personal anecdote re: beautiful celebrities who don’t look like their Instagram photos
  • Who you should compare yourself to
  • Why you might want to unfollow / mute certain individuals in social media
  • How and why you must replace your negative thoughts
  • A recent personal anecdote of positive self-talk re: pictures I took in a bathing suit
  • The power of celebrating yourself when you’re embodying the qualities you want to be in life
  • How it is you become your thoughts
  • My CTA for you



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