Podcast – When, Where & How to Find a Therapist Who’s Right For You

There might be a multitude of reasons as to why you’re seeking, or will seek, a therapist. Regardless, I believe everyone should, at some point, be in therapy — whether currently going through a tough season or for preventative care.  So today, I’ll break down WHEN it’s time to actually seek a therapist, WHERE to start your search, and tips on HOW to land the one who’s right for you.


You’ll find out:

  • How many therapists I’ve seen (in my life) on a regular basis
  • Why most people stay stuck
  • When it’s time to seek a therapist
  • Where to start in your search for a therapist
  • How to narrow down your therapy search
  • Our approach, at Team Johnson, re: therapy for our staff
  • Why you shouldn’t shop (for a therapist) based on price
  • Tips on how to reach out to individual therapists
  • What to say (to the therapist) when you’re not sure about returning
  • What to look for (in a therapist) while in session
  • Why you should write down what you’re looking for re: therapist
  • Why you’ve got to be patient in your search for a therapist
  • Thoughts on psychiatrists


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