How to Get Your Motivation Back

Today I want to talk to you about a topic that I recently asked you on my Facebook page what could be most meaningful and helpful to you and I heard from many of you that it is getting your motivation back. There are times when we know we need to do something whether it’s building up the energy to organize your closet, the motivation to get back into your fitness routine, the area where you need to get your mojo back, the area where you need to get focused and get motivated on. Isn’t it interesting that all of you no matter where you are, the thing you need to work on is something that is for you, fitness, nutrition, sleep, your relationships, your family, being a better mom, being a better dad.

All of these things are things we do for ourselves. There are things that we put everything else first and then we wonder why we’ve lost motivation in the areas that will probably have the biggest impact on how we feel. How we feel about ourselves? Think about it. I mean let’s just start with the most obvious one which is fitness and nutrition. When our nutrition is right and when we are exercising on a regular basis, how do we feel about ourselves? I don’t know about you but I feel amazing, I feel more confident, I feel sexier, I feel thinner. Even if I don’t get on the scale, I still feel like I must be thinner, I must be stronger.

There are couple of days last week where I couldn’t exercise because I had a dental procedure done like when am I not at the dentist, FYI. Anyways I had a dental procedure. So there are a couple of days where I couldn’t exercise or I wasn’t supposed to exercise and wow! man I was in a funk. I felt like a big blog. I felt depressed. I mean not clinically depressed but I felt bombed. I wasn’t in as good of a mood and I didn’t have energy. So that’s a really important thing to consider and I don’t think that there is anyone listening right now. I know you need more energy, I need more energy right.

So one of the best ways to have more energy is to exercise. You know me you guys. I don’t care if your abs are ripped or you know you got the type of body where you can take off all your clothes and pose in your underwear on Instagram. Side note, those still bug me but anyways I don’t need you to look like that. I don’t know if that’s for everybody’s business. Anyways God bless you if you can but what I do know is I want you to feel amazing and I want you to have energy and I want you to feel confident and I want you to feel good about yourself and that’s why you will hear me talking about fitness. Not because I need you to enter any fitness competitions or take your clothes off on Instagram but because I love you and I want you to feel amazing about you, I do and that starts with exercise.

So let’s start with this. Step #1, Decide to start, just decide. Perhaps the #1 question I get when I am doing a live broadcast or I meet people who will say, how do I get back to eating right or how do I start exercising again and I’ve just – I’ve lost my motivation to do it and I am like, there is no mystery here. You are ready for a slap in the face because I am about to give it to you. My friend, I am about to speak straight to you. You need to decide to do this, whatever this is. If it’s your business you need to grow, you need to get your button gear and just decide to do and stop worrying about it and whining about it and knowing you need to do and not doing it and just freaking decide to do it and do it.

If you know you need to start exercising on a daily basis, my lord, make it a priority and schedule it. Just start. Notice, I didn’t say, start and keep going. There are days I don’t feel like doing most of the things I have to do. When I wake up, I guarantee you this. When I wake up in the morning very early to exercise, I don’t feel like exercising but I know I need to start and I give myself permission to quit after 5 minutes. I want you to apply this today so that thing that you’ve decided you needed to do, where you need to get your motivation back.

That thing that you decided at the beginning of this podcast that you need to start doing. I want you to tomorrow just start. I don’t care what it is, give me 5 minutes. If it’s nutrition that I want you to start by planning out your meals. If it’s fitness, I want you to start exercising. So just give me 5 minutes tomorrow. If it’s being in a better relationship, then I want you to decide tomorrow to be kinder and sweeter and more loving and more sexual and more giving to your partner. Decide! Decide to start. I am not saying you have to follow through for the next 30 days but watch what happens when you start.

Number 2, you have to know why it matters to you, okay and here is what I am going to ask you to follow through on if you are listening to this in your car or some other place where you don’t have a chance to write. Will you promise me that you will remember to do this later, please. Please, please, please. Please promise. Okay good. I want you to take out a piece of paper and a pen and when it comes to that thing that you know you need to do, I want you to make a list of why it’s important to you. Why you know you need to do this. And on that list should be included how you will feel, now how do you feel right now but what it’s going to help you to feel when you get back into this routine and discipline.

When we are talking about the motivation to do something, we are talking about discipline. Nobody is born with discipline. Nobody is born with discipline. We learn it. It’s a habit and to develop habits, we have to recognize the reward. We have to get excited not about the hard work but the reward. What’s the pay off? How does it make us feel to get your motivation back? You need to understand your value. You are so worthy. Why are you putting yourself last on the list?

Really, I mean, why are you taking care of everyone else thinking that that makes you somehow a better person or a better mom or a better employee or a better fill in the blank when the truth is you will be better when you start putting you first. You know those people that feel like they just need you and somehow you are responsible for them? You are devaluing your life, your happiness, your joy and you are also doing them a disservice by helping them to believe that they need you to take care of them. You need you to take care of you. Now what is more important than you?

I mean you know – I know it’s a cliché but you always hear that analogy that when you are on an airplane and the oxygen masks come down and that you are supposed to put the mask on yourself first and then your child, you would do that right? I mean you would do that. I would do that. I want my kids to live. Both my kids are bigger than me now. They should put their mask on their mom but I want my kids to live and so in order for my kids to thrive, I take that analogy and I take it to heart and that means, if I want my kids to thrive, they have to see what it means to thrive.

They need to see me exercise and they need to see me being happy. They need to see me in a committed, happy, loving relationship with their father. They need to see me enjoying time with my friends. They need to see me having peace when my work is done. They need to see by me role modeling that I am enough. They need to see peace so that they can have peace. They need to know that I value myself if they’re ever going to value themselves. It starts with understanding your worth. You were born because of a purpose, God’s purpose and the life that you are living is a borrowed life from God and he has a purpose for your life and the only way that you can truly honor that purpose is by stepping into it and understand the value of your life. The value of taking care of you.

Now that doesn’t mean to be selfish or self centered or to put yourself you know, to do everything for yourself first but I think, listen I know you and I know also that we put ourselves last on the list because you are a lot like me. So I used to do that but now I recognize that that’s a disservice to my children and it’s a disservice to what I believe is my purpose in this life and I value the purpose that God has given me and to do that, I have to value myself and that’s really important. It starts with how you believe. It starts with what you believe about yourself and please, I ask you not to take into consideration anyone else’s opinion unless they too think that you walk on water.

So that person who wronged you, the person who hurt you whether that was a family member or a loved one or a dear friend or somebody who should not have, please know that they didn’t see your value because they themselves didn’t have the ability to see it. You were meant for something greater. So recognize and honor your life by recognizing the value your life has. Value yourself, take care of yourself. And my next tip is this. And my next tip is simply, put together a plan. Whatever it is that you’ve decided, you’ve been lacking motivation lately and you need to change that. Okay then change starts with a plan and not a plan in your head, not a – okay I am listening to this podcast. So I am thinking to myself that tomorrow I am going to exercise.

Okay I am listening to this podcast. So tomorrow, I am thinking that I am going to reach out to my up line and start building my business. Okay I am listening to this podcast. So I am thinking to myself that perhaps tomorrow, I will start being more loving towards my spouse. No, I am talking about old fashion pen to paper. Lifers, you listen to me too often to know that I am going to let you off the hook. You know I am not going to let you off the hook by just thinking about a plan. That’s not a plan, that’s called a day dream. That’s called a fleeting thought that you will soon forget. Are you kidding me?

There is so much to distract us on a daily, hourly basis. You will never remember a plan that’s bouncing around in your head like a ping pong ball. You need to put this to paper. So go ahead and put me on pause. Put me on pause and what I want you to do is to record yourself an audio note or to take out your phone and to schedule a time where you can plan some action steps kind of a brainstorming list of what you are going to do to get your mojo back, what you are going to do in order to make this thing, this area where you’ve let things slide. How are you going to get that back on track.

You are going to actually do some planning. You are going to schedule some times. You are going to set aside time every day that you are going to focus on this thing until it feels like it’s second nature, until it’s a habit and you are going to notice how good it makes you feel. So okay, ready? You are going to come back but please put me on pause right now and write down any thoughts you have, any brainstorming ideas or simply schedule a time when you are going to revisit this idea and create a plan to get your mojo back. Du du du…..That’s my pause music. Are you back? Okay cool.

My last and final tip for you is, ah…its delicious! It’s delicious. It’s music. And I have a homework assignment for you and it’s so ah, I can’t wait to hear from you, okay. I cannot wait to hear from you. So here is the assignment. I need you to watch a documentary called Alive Inside. Oh my gosh! You are going to love it. You are going to trip. I can’t even handle it. I am so blown away by this like I feel like I don’t know. I don’t even know how to describe how I feel. I am getting tears in my eyes after watching this documentary but I can tell you, I know it has something to do with what I am going to do in the next year. It just so moved me and the reason why I want you to watch this is because it’s going to help you too and I think it’s the perfect example of getting your motivation back.

So Alive Inside is a documentary filmed about nursing home patients. People who are basically catatonic, laying in bed waiting to die and the creators of this documentary went into the nursing homes and placed headphones and music in the ears of these elderly patients who are pretty much vegetable stay like just not communicating, just laying in bed waiting to die and when you see how these people, these beautiful lives, these beautiful souls come to life, I triple dog dare ya not to cry and not to join me in this movement. I am so down with this. I can’t even tell you. I am going to keep you posted but if you want to learn more, watch the documentary. It’s going to blow you away. And the reason why I brought it up in this lesson is because it’s one of the things I have been sharing with people for years when it comes to tips on how to get your mojo back, how to find your motivation.

There is a playlist. You’ve heard me say it before, right. Like when I don’t feel like exercising, I have a I don’t feel like exercising playlist. Now it’s not the playlist that I am going to listen to while I exercise but it’s the playlist that if I listen to it when I don’t feel like exercising, I can’t help but get into good mood and feel like dancing, feel like moving. It changes my mindset and you see, music excites an area of our brain like nothing else unlike a pill, unlike any other stimulation, unlike any other – anything else that we can prescribe. Music makes us feel emotional, it makes us feel energy. It makes us feel motivation and that’s what you’ve been looking for.

So I want you to do two things. Oh gosh, there is a lot of homework assignments and this one aren’t there but you know, if you don’t implement, nothing is going to change, right. I mean you can listen to me talk all day long but if you don’t do some of these things, nothing is going to change. It’s just interesting. It’s just your candy but nothing is going to change. In order for anything in your life to change, in order for you to find the motivation in this area that you feel like you’ve been lacking, something has to change and that something needs to be in the form of action and that was for you not what your why [0:14:45] is and then taking pen to paper and creating a plan, a brain dump if you will, a master plan of all the things that you need to do to get back on track to just start and then my next assignment was to watch the movie Alive Inside and I know that’s going to motivate you to do my last step which is this. Create playlist.

I have several playlists and I will share them with you. If you go to Spotify, you can follow me on Spotify. I am Chalene Private and I’ve lots of different playlists. I have one called Date Night and that gets me in the mood to ask my husband on a date. It gets me in the mood when we are on a date. It gets me in the mood when we are not in the date but I really need to be in the mood if you know what I mean, Boom Chika Bow wow! I have a playlist that I use when I lift heavyweights and full disclosure. There are some very explicit language, explicit lyrics in there. So you know, that’s what I need though. I need like angry, hardcore, rapper like hardcore rap music. That’s what gets me excited to throw around big heavyweights. Don’t judge and I have music that gets me excited and just happy.

So you will find that playlist. It’s called my Happy Playlist and that’s what I listen to to get myself in the mood to exercise and then I have of course individual playlist for like pretty much everything like create a playlist for that thing that you need to do. Create a playlist and here is a little special tip for you. Put some music on that playlist and it takes you back to high school where you had not a care in the world, where things were fun, where you loved, where you got lost in the music and you could feel that emotion. I want you to feel when you create this playlist. I love Spotify for that reason but you know Apple, iTunes, wherever you are creating your playlist, I need you to create a playlist that gets you motivated.

I want you to know how much I appreciate that you shared with me your feedback about this topic and how much it means to me that you’ve written reviews. I know recently I’ve had quite a few negative reviews because people don’t like the fact that I was doing live videos and repurposing that as podcast but you know I have to let that go because that’s just somebody who doesn’t honor the fact that I honor my family. I have a choice. I can do a podcast once a day and a live video once a day or that’s an hour that would have to come from time I have with my family or I can honor my family and do them both at the same time.

So what I am asking you to do is, if you honor that and you understand how important it is for me to continue to provide you this content in a podcast and to do those things simultaneously, can I ask you a favor? Can I ask you to drown out those negative ninnies who don’t like the fact that I have decided to honor my family and do it this way. You know because guess what, I value myself but right behind me is my family, honestly. And I love you but seriously I know you get it like I have to put my family before anything else. So thank you to all of you who will take the time to write a review on iTunes.

It’s how I get great guests and I’ve got a lot of really great guests coming up by the way. I am so excited. I’ve got really good guests coming up for you on the way and it’s how we continue to get the message out to the world about this podcast. So anyways, I am rambling but I just want you to know. You are the and I love you.

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