Build Your Tribe: How to Get Your Stuff Seen In the Newsfeed with advanced techniques guaranteed to boost engagement

Facebook newsfeedIn this episode, I share some of my best tips for using Facebook to grow your business.

In 2012, I picked up my toys and stormed off the Facebook playground, and off to Instagram I went. I was frustrated that I was no longer getting any engagement from my fans on Facebook, and my following wasn’t growing or helping to grow my business either.

So I proclaimed Facebook as dead and shifted my focus to Instagram. I did not want to figure out ads or have to pay for engagement. But after learning from experts in the industry, I soon realized that Facebook was NOT dead, and I needed to give it another look. Within just a few months or experimenting with new practices and ridiculously cheap ads, my engagement and growth has skyrocketed! Let me share with you what I’ve learned!

FB statsDetails on Tips from Podcast:

  • Insights – click “Insights” at the top of your Facebook Like Page to see tehse
  • Create a list of topics from your 5 most popular posts (with the most engagement/rach) over the last 6 months and expand on these
  • Organic Reach = the number of people who see your post in their newsfeed; this does not track whether or not they’ve read it; this means they saw it in their newsfeed, and you did not pay for it
  • Engagement = the number of ikes, shares, comments, and comments on other people’s comments under your posts
  • You are 65% more likely to get engagement when you ask fans to like/share your posts
  • Post something people have a strong opinion about, spark a debate (see examples in links below)
  • Before you post, ask yourself: “Does this help my brand? Is this consistent with my message and who I really am?”


Links from this episode:

Social Media Experts to Learn from

Check out Natalie Jill on Instagram:
Example of Sparking Debate:,
Example of Sparking
Learn everything you need to know about Facebook and growing your business online:


Time Codes:

0:00 Introductory tip on the psychology of a share

1:09 Siri introduction and why Chalene loves it

1:38 Let’s talk Face-ment

2:03 Why it’s important to be an early settler in any form of social media

2:57 The definition of stupidity

4:55 The challenge of re-engaging

5:12 Time to learn and relearn

5:20 Beware of self proclaimed experts and gurus

6:53 Five secret experts who doesn’t sell that you should learn from

8:57 Tip #1 Use a Like page

9:41 Look at your Insights

10:20 What are your five most popular posts over the last six months?

10:36 Identify the commonality

11:07 What is organic reach?

12:02 Why you should care about Facebook’s algorithm?

12:56 Let’s talk Facebook Ads

13:42 Connection is your currency

14:17 Reach vs engagement

15:10 They Psychology of Facebook engagement

15:51 Here’s how can you get people to like your post on Facebook

17:23 Why comment?

17:50 Engage your community by asking their opinion

18:29 Before posting this kind of stuff, you should wear a thick skin

19:30 What if comments turn to ugly, nasty debates?

21:07 Here are inspirational pages who’s big in engagement

23:34 The case with Food Babe

26:40 The dreaded “Grammar Police”

30:16 The critical piece in an engaging post

32:42 Videos for engagement

33:26 Final thoughts


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