Podcast – How to Help Someone You Love | Do’s & Don’ts for Getting Someone to Help Themselves


Plus The Most Important Thing You Can Do to Help Someone Else Make a Change

Are you struggling to figure out how to help someone you love help themselves? Whether that means getting healthier, breaking a bad habit, or changing their attitude, in this Car Smart episode, I share my top do’s and don’ts to inspire a positive change without discouraging or pushing away someone you care about. Plus, you’ll hear an unedited behind the scenes discussion with my husband Bret about how we helped each other make changes to improve our own relationship.

You’re going to love this episode because you’ll hear a lot of really cool stories you’ll likely relate to. Plus, when I started this episode, I didn’t get a chance to tell my husband I was recording. So you’re also getting the raw, unedited version of Mr. Johnson.

Whether it’s your spouse, child, friend, sibling or parent…we’ve all been in situations where we want to help someone we care about make a change because we see greater potential for them. So let’s talk about do’s and don’ts for helping someone you love help themselves.

What You Will Learn In This Podcast on Helping Someone You Love: 

  • Don’t be the authority. Why acting superior will only hurt the situation. (3:35)
  • How leading by example can backfire, what to avoid doing, and what you should do instead. (4:40)
  • The key concept of this entire episode: why if you want to help someone, you must make them feel loved and accepted. (6:00)
  • Why you shouldn’t manipulate someone into making a change and how you can foster resentment if you don’t approach the situation in the right way. (6:25)
  • Why you should avoid obsessing over the situation. (7:30)
  • How to help someone you love make a change to their health or weight, especially if it’s a child, plus, the one thing you must never do. (8:00)
  • Why you should draw attention to all of the things you love and adore about the person you want to help. And why you should compliment them on those things. (10:20)
  • The best time to bring up the change you want to help someone make, what everyone needs to feel in order to accept change, and how to approach the situation. (10:38)
  • An important rule when trying to help someone: don’t take it personal. (14:55)
  • Why you should address the things you need to work on yourself when you help someone else. (16:55)
  • The unedited version of a talk Bret and I had about something he wanted me to change, how he got me to change, and how it affected our marriage. (23:20)

help someone you love help themselves

Just as you’ll hear in my exchange with Bret, it’s possible to help someone you love make a change when you approach the situation in the right way. Bret helped me, and I helped him. And YOU can help someone you love, too. But you have to start by knowing that this person needs to feel loved and accepted, and that your intentions are truly pure. It’s all about making sure the other person is in the right frame of mind to accept change.

Thank you so much for spending this time with me on The Chalene Show! Let me know what you enjoyed most about this episode and how it helped you in a comment below or in a review on the podcast. I greatly appreciate it!

I love spending time with you and look forward to our next time together! You are the bomb dot com!

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