How to Identify Emotional Eating and My 3 Day Fast with Dr. Mcayla Sarno

Mcayla is a wealth of information! She is a licensed psycho therapist, a brain training and mindset expert, and a specialist in EMDR therapy; which stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. Dr. Mcayla is the creator of several online programs, including – End Emotional Eating, and is a consulting expert who’s been helping me for the last 9 months put together a weight loss, metabolism and hormone program.

Mcayla is going to share with you solutions to help you curb emotional eating.

In this episode she also discusses how a medically supervised fast can help you determine when and why you’re eating. But dude, here’s the deal. Though I would typically put the info on this 3 day fast in the show notes, it is so so so important that you listen to this episode to understand how and when to do it. I’m dead serious people. I do not, I repeat, I do not want you to just fast for 3 days. This will NOT set you up for success! So please, download this episode and listen to the whole thing before moving forward.

Topics covered:
– What is emotional eating? How to understand the difference.
>>> Physical hunger: you have physical symptoms of hunger and might experience that “I’ll eat anything” mentality.
>>> Emotional eating: you want something very specific, you are craving a very specific food.
How to take control of emotional eating.

– Identifying if it is emotional eating or hunger.

– What are feeling after you eat?

– How are you eating, and where is it coming from?

– Hunger is not an emergency – how to handle the urgency that comes along with hunger pains.

– Re-wiring your brain to not respond to emotional eating.

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