Podcast – How to Know if it’s Time to Move On

We all can relate to having things in life — at one time or another — we need to move on from. This could be a relationship, a job, a friendship or even a marriage. Today, I’ll offer a series of questions that, whatever your situation, will guide you in your decision to stay or move on. 


You’ll also find out:

  • Direction on how to get the most out of these questions
  • How to know if you’re settling
  • The role YOU play in your situation (AKA why it’s imperative to start with yourself)
  • How to take your emotional and mental health into account re: your situation
  • Why you can’t compromise yourself in your any of your relationships
  • Why resentment is almost impossible to recover from
  • Why you must monitor how often you think about leaving your situation
  • My advice to write a list on all the reasons why are staying (when you think about leaving)
  • The importance belief plays in any of your decisions



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