How to Love Negative Feedback

Constructive Criticism & How to Handle Negative Feedback

This episode is all about how to stay motivated when people criticize you and how to train yourself to welcome negative feedback. Having spent 30+ years in the fitness industry, I’ve learned not to take feedback personal and instead use it as motivation to be better. Follow these tips to use criticism as inspiration and turn negative feedback into a positive.

I first came to terms with negative feedback when I moved to Southern California and became a fitness instructor. After one of my classes, someone left a note. And it wasn’t good. But after finally realizing that the feedback in that note was accurate, I became better because of it. I now welcome constructive criticism because I use that negative feedback to improve.

In this episode, I share the steps you must take in order to accept constructive criticism, not take it personal, and use negative feedback as motivation.

What You Will Learn In This Podcast on Accepting Negative Feedback:

  • My first major wake up call as a fitness instructor when I finally realized the negative feedback I was receiving was actually true. (1:14)
  • Why it’s common to get defensive about negative feedback at first and how to change your response. (5:00)
  • How to accept constructive criticism without taking it personal. (6:20)
  • How to understand that the feedback you’re getting doesn’t identify who you are as a person; it’s simply a trait and something you can improve. (6:40)
  • Why you need negative feedback to improve and how your goals play a part in this process. (7:15)
  • How to deal with negative feedback in social media. (8:22)
  • How a comment on my appearance left by a stranger on social media could have been offensive, but instead, it helped me update my look. (8:54)
  • How to turn a negative or rude comment on social media into an opportunity to come out on top. (10:08)
  • What to do with legitimate feedback. (12:27)
  • 4 Steps you must take to stay motivated when people criticize you and actually use it to your advantage. (12:51)
  • One thing you can start doing today to be better in all areas of life. (16:50)

This topic is at the forefront of my mind this week because I’ve recently received a lot of feedback. However, instead of letting it bring me down, I view it as an exciting invitation to be better. I’m grateful for the people who love me enough to give me feedback because it shows that they care. I’m a lot better today because of it!

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