How to Make Difficult Decisions | Goal Setting with a Twist (Part 2)

Today, we’re continuing our conversation about what success should feel like and using those ideas to help create some goals for ourselves. Now, before we go any further, make sure you’ve listened to part one of this topic. You can learn more here.

Now that you’ve outlined what you want to feel, we can then start using that information to set some goals. Some of you might find the idea of goal-setting to be very daunting – you might feel anxious or judged – and that fear could ultimately derail you. Just know that since we’re focusing on how you FEEL and not what you achieve externally (fame, riches) that you should have no problem setting goals that feel comfortable for you.

Also, before we move on, it’s important to know that nobody ends up exactly where they planned. Life happens, things change… the world has other plans for us. While those external accomplishments can change, we should be able to narrow in on key feelings that you would like to experience day in and day out. This means that, regardless of what we end up doing, we can be successful in how we feel.

The big goals that people generally speak about – big house, lots of money, beautiful spouse, fame – are really more about ego than anything else, right? These are displays of a certain form of success; they show others how well we’ve done. And, this is simply a way to feed our ego. Ignore the impulse to set goals that way. Look inward at your own needs.

Taking your list of how you would like to feel from last time, pick the most important one and fill in the following sentence:

I need to feel _____ in order to feel happiness.

If you understand that, then you’ll be able to examine all of your decisions against whether or not they support or hinder your goal.

My sentence reads: I have to feel like I have freedom of choice to feel happiness.

In short, if I can stay committed to that idea, then I’ll be able to make smart decisions that will guide me towards the success that is most important: the internal success of the heart and self. After all, things just go away. They’re ephemeral. When it’s all said and done, we’re left with our experiences and feelings – so why wouldn’t you do everything you could to ensure you felt the way you wanted?

Other example sentences are:

  • I need to feel accepted in order to feel happiness.
  • I need to feel peaceful in order to feel happiness.
  • I need to feel safe in order to feel happiness.

Again, this only works if we’re truly honest about it – which means we need to check our own ego. We have to be honest with ourselves about why we feel that certain things are important.

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