How to Make Time for Health When You Have No Time

EP. 283

This episode is yet another Car Smart Edition, recorded live on the fly.

Today, I thought I’d answer the question I often get, “Chalene… How do you have time to do things related to your health?” I’ll also be touching on another popular question, “How did you find time to exercise when you were raising your kids as you were trying to start a business?”
Through answering these questions, I thought I’d share with you some quick hacks to make doing things for your health more possible for you!

I can’t wait to answer these for you, but first things first… I have a question for YOU!
That being… do you make unhealthy choices out of convenience?

The number one rule is that your health has to be important to you. You either prioritize it, or you don’t. If something is important to you, you’ll find the time.

Something I often don’t believe in is multitasking. For instance, I wouldn’t phone my mom amidst trying to finish up a project. I’m not a fan of trying to divide the focus of my brain on two separate tasks. Though, there are times when you should take advantage of multitasking your health.

Your brain indeed has plasticity, but it needs to grow! It needs to learn new things. Therefore, your brain needs a challenge. So multitask when it seems healthy and logical too, but don’t divide your attention if it makes it harder for you to focus and tackle your tasks.

Here’s another thing I want you to think about… If you have a hard time finding time for exercise, you need to change your mentality. If you want to live a healthier, fuller life… you need to move your body EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. This doesn’t mean you need to do a strenuous HIIT workout every day, but you definitely should dedicate at least 30 minutes to moving your body with intention.

You can always use exercise as a way to connect with your friends and family. This is a great way you can multitask you health, for you can establish better relationships with loved ones simultaneous to bettering your physical fitness.

One important skill you must develop is to SAY NO, and don’t feel like you have to explain or give a reason. People don’t need to know why. You must learn to say no, so you can say YES to your health.

Scheduling your workouts or healthcare appointments will also help you to prioritize! If you plan something and put it on to a calendar, you are definitely more likely to get it done. You’re also more likely to build a healthy habit by first committing to a schedule. I also like to schedule meditation or reading or listening to podcasts. Definitely try this out and let me know how it works for you, or if you have any tips to share!

Thank you so much for reading through this, I hope you have the chance to listen in to the full podcast. If you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns hit me up on the socials OR send me a message at



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Questions Asked in This Episode

1. Do you make unhealthy choices out of convenience?
2. What if you could outsource 3 hours a week of laundry? (6:10)
3. Are you proud of the way you feel and look? Are you proud of the way you’re taking care of your health? (16:00)
4. And so much more…

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

1. Everybody needs to be taking some form of supplementation (3:30)
2. An example of how you can multitask your health (5:00)
3. Why you must learn how to say no (8:30)
4. It’s easier to do things that are habitual because… (14:15)
5. How to anchor new habits to preexisting habits (15:40)
6. If you’re not taking steps to improve your health, then you’re diminishing your health (16:45)
7. And so much more…

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