How to Manage Anxiety, Fear, & Panic Attacks

mcayla 2Our beliefs can serve us well or haunt us.  How we handle our thoughts or beliefs can unfortunately lead us on a downward spiral towards an overwhelming feeling of being out of control.  Many people deal with high levels of daily anxiety, and understanding how that anxiety can turn into a full blown attack is important.  So I brought in my friend Dr. Mcayla to talk to us about how our beliefs can lead to panic attacks and anxiety attacks.  This is part 1 of a 2 part interview I did with Dr. Mcayla.



Topics discussed in this episode:

– The difference between an anxiety attack and having a panic attack

– What an anxiety attack and panic attack feels like in your body

– How to pull yourself out of an anxiety attack and a panic attack

– Tips to ovoid going into an attack from anxiety

– How to talk yourself through debilitating beliefs


Links in this episode:

Dr. Mcayla’s website:

Dr. Mcayla’s Freemium:

Dr. Mcayla’s Facebook:

EMDR Website:

Time Code:
0:00 intro
1:50 introduction to Dr. Mcayla
2:05 Courageous Confidence Club
3:30 how to leave Chalene a message
4:10 interview begins
5:00 anxiety how it’s felt in the body
5:55 how do I know if I’m anxious versus having an anxiety attack
6:30 moving into a panic attack
7:31 how do you get yourself out of a panic attack?
8:50 the more you talk to yourself the more you gather control
9:44 tips to avoid going into a panic attack
10:10 step away for a moment
11:20 control your breathing
12:05 talk to yourself, “I’m okay, I’m good, every things okay.”
14:10 how she teaches clients to change their thought process
15:20 change the caption
16:15 what we’re doing in the next episode

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