Podcast – How to Pick your Niche

While both Brock and I repeatedly share why having a niche is so crucial to business and social media growth, there are those who continue to struggle with how to actually pick one. So today, Brock reiterates the importance of having a niche, why it really matters, and — most importantly — how to finally decide and pick the right niche for you. 


You’ll find out:

  • What is a niche
  • How Brock established his niche / credibility
  • Why / how your niche provides clarity for both you and your audience
  • Personal anecdote with Brock guiding someone toward their niche
  • Why you don’t find your niche, you date your niche
  • How Brock’s niche has evolved over the years
  • Brock’s easy-to-follow template for discovering your niche



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