How to Review Your 90 Day Plan

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EP. 286

Welcome to yet another Car Smart Edition episode of The Chalene Show. It is so awesome that you can tag along with me on my ride.

Today I want to talk to you about the last 90 days of your life. In this episode, I am going to help you clearly reflect. I’ll help you to determine where you may have gone wrong or fallen short. In addition, there are most likely some pretty incredible things you’ve done within these past 3 months that you haven’t given yourself enough credit for. With that being said, maybe I can help you acknowledge that it’s your time to celebrate!

It is so important to take the time to give yourself credit. Plenty of the things you do represent progress and follow-through. Don’t dismiss these things without congratulating your own growth, be proud of the direction your going!

Have you ever felt that you don’t deserve the credit for accomplishing something? Yeah, I’ve felt that way before too. I used to feel that small wins should not be celebratory, simply because they are small. Especially because compared to the big goals I had, the small ones seemed infinitely less important. But I have learned… all wins are important and they ALL signify your growth as an individual.

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Now the reason I am bringing Snapchat up in this episode is that I just recently mentioned on Snapchat that I had found the original Smart Life Push Journal prototype that I created back in 2010. I found within this prototype my goals from 2010, and I shared these goals with my Snapchat fam. I distinctly remember my mindset at the time I created them. I always felt that my goals needed to be “crazy” and “cool” and most definitely difficult to attain. When I look back on these goals I created, I find that I have not only accomplished them, but I have also surpassed them to a great extent. What I realize now is that I never congratulated myself for achieving these goals, let alone realize how far I have come in my growth. In fact, I recorded this podcast as a means to celebrate my accomplishments since my goal setting in 2010.

Anyways, this is why it is SO incredibly important to write your goals down often (at least every 30-90 days). When you are consistent in doing so, you will find it easier to keep track of your growth as well as your accomplishments.

Personally, I have discovered that when I put things down in writing, the structure gives me freedom. I highly recommend you put pen to paper. Not only should you write down your goals, but you should make a point each day to write down three things you are grateful for. This will allow you to reflect on what you’re blessed with in your life, and will further serve as a reminder for yourself to continue to be grateful.

I encourage you to sit down (without your phone) and enjoy reviewing the small wins, both major accomplishments and minor accomplishments. Allow yourself to celebrate the baby steps you’ve made over the last 90 days.

Thank you for joining me on this drive, I hope you can listen in to this episode and hear even more than what is mentioned here! If you have anything thoughts or questions, feel free to hit me up on the socials or send me a message at >>>


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Questions Asked in This Episode
1.When was the last time you looked back on the last 30 days of your life (or even 90 days) and gave yourself credit? (0:42)
2. And so much more…

What You’ll Learn in This Episode
1. Why you should celebrate your small wins (1:40)
2. How to feel more confident in being confident (11:00)
3. The more freedom you want, the more structure you need (14:40)
4. And so much more…

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