The Chalene Show Podcast Show Notes: Dine Out Stay Lean | How to stay on track and still have a social life

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 10.46.19 AMIn this episode, I talk to you about how to dine out while staying lean.  I share with you my best tips for how to make smart, healthy, beneficial decisions when dinning at a restaurant.

Topics Discussed:

  • Caloric difference between eating at home and eating at a restaurant.
  • Decide in advance where you’re going to eat.  Check online for reviews and the menu to see if healthy options are available.
  • The types of restaurants that tend to be the unhealthiest.
  •  Items you should avoid on the menu.
  • Avoid anything that says crispy or smothered.  These are red flags.
  • Ask the server if the chef is open to preparing your entrée without butter or extra oil.
  • Don’t go to dinner starving.  If you need to, have a piece of fruit before you leave the house.  This will help you make healthier decisions when it’s time to order.
  • Watch your cocktail intake.  Alcohol lowers inhibitions and can set you up for ordering disaster.


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Time Codes:

00:00 Intro

1:20 Not 1 diet fits everyone

1:40 ABC Study on how when we eat out, we tend to consume 3 times the fat and calories.  The study also found that at a meal at a full service chain restaurant averages out to 2000 calories.

2:38 You want to be able to enjoy yourself while dining out, but in moderation.

3:10 When we dine out, the ultimate goal is to enjoy the company of others.

3:34 First decide in advance where you’re going to go.  Be the one inviting others so you have control over the restaurant.

4:50 Go to and search restaurants.  From Yelp you can review the restaurants menu and decide if there are healthy options for you to chose from.

5:42 Second, never leave the house starving.  If you are, make sure to have a small snack and a full glass of water.   If you sit down at the restaurant starving, you’re more tempted to give in to the bread basket and unhealthy menu options.

6:28 Third, avoid things on the menu that state smothered, braised, crispy, crunchy, saucy, creamy.

6:50 Broth based soups are usually a great option.

7:50 Make a decision before the food shows up at the table, exactly how much of it you’re going to eat.  Portion that out, and save the rest for later.

8:44 In helping you select your main course, scan the menu and look for the lowest calorie options first.  If you see something you’d like to order, but it has one of the bad words listed above (6:28), then politely ask the server if it can be made steamed, grilled, roasted, etc.  Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 10.47.06 AM

10:00 look at the side dishes.  Substitute with steamed veggies.  And ask for sauces on the side.

10:40 Start your meal by eating the healthiest things on the plate first.  Eat slowly, put your fork down, and drink water.

12:06 Watch the cocktails.  Alcohol decreases your inhibitions and your ability to make good choices.  Cocktails are also high in sugar and calories… Empty calories.  JUST DRINK WATER.

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