Podcast – How We Select Speakers and the People We Mentor

Bret and I are going to share with you how and why we decide who to invite to speak on our stages, the people we want to mentor, and who we’re going to create a long-term relationship with. It’s important to both of us to find speakers who we’re able to help in building their brand and, at the same time, will serve our Team Johnson audience.


You’ll find out…

  • Why we start with the end in mind
  • The difference between expert teachers who talk really well vs those who are able to teach the HOW
  • The importance of speakers who are relatable
  • The definition of a speaker who has proven technique
  • How and why we stalk future speakers
  • Why we must have already built trust and loyalty with anyone who speaks at our events
  • How I no longer take a chance on speakers who may be captivating but aren’t able to serve my audience the right way



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