Hustle vs Family | Balancing Priorities In Work, Life, Social Media and Parenting with Sean Cannell

In this episode, Sean Cannell and I chat about the effects social media can have on your mental health, family, parenting and so much more! Here are some of the topics we discuss: 

  • The negative effects of social media on mental health, including burnout 
  • Concerns about parents exploiting their children on social media for profit and the potential negative effects on children
  • The trend of making apology videos on social media and its implications
  • The pressure to appear perfect and the lack of humility in imperfections on social media
  • The glamorization of the hustle grind and the choice to prioritize entrepreneurship over parenting
  • The impact of social media on parenting and screen time for children
  • Avoiding extremes and maintaining level-headedness in various aspects of life, including politics and opinions
  • The importance of managing social media use and avoiding excessive scrolling
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