I Won’t Be Screwed Again, Tips For AirBnB, Car Shipping, Wedding Planners, and More!

Hey there! In this episode, you’ll hear my true feelings on being taken advantage of in business and personal life, what I’ve learned about short-term rentals and so much more!! Here what’s covered:

  • Update on being taken advantage of by a realtor
  • Thoughts on shady business dealings
  • Tips on short-term rentals and travel
  • Red flags to look out for in short-term rentals
  • Advice on car shipping and what scams to lookout for
  • Coping with life transitions, such as sending a child to college
  • Balancing saving money and enjoying life
  • Personal accountability in being a smart adult and getting agreements in writing
  • Update on #Miami Meetup text (949) 503-9873


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