Podcast – IGTV To Reach New Followers and Go Deeper with Existing

Does anyone really even watch IGTV? Have you tried to use it before and just ended up with very few views? Well, that used to be the case when Instagram first released IGTV. But not anymore! In this episode, you’ll be given specific IGTV strategies — you can put into action today — that will help totally revitalize your Instagram account!


You’ll find out…

  • The #1 reason you should try IGTV
  • Recent changes that have been made to IGTV
  • The benefit of long form video
  • What kind of content that’s going to perform well for you
  • How to prepare in advance
  • How to record
  • Which app to use for editing
  • How to create a thumbnail that captivates
  • How to upload your IGTV
  • How to get people to interact with your IGTV (and leave comments and likes within the first couple of minutes)
  • How to use your IG story to drive people to your IGTV
  • Top strategy to get people to watch your IGTV till the very end
  • How to kick your IGTV into overdrive AFTER it has gone live
  • Your objective when using IGTV



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