Podcast – How to Improve Emotional Connection with Your Significant Other | The Chalene Show Live – Indianapolis, Indiana

Do You Feel a Lack of Emotional Connection in Your Intimate Relationships? 

Do you feel emotionally disconnected from your partner? Need to save your marriage or relationship with a significant other? In this special episode, recorded LIVE at the Lilly Theater in Indianapolis, Indiana, I talk to my live audience (and you of course) all about intimacy in relationships. You’ll learn how to identify if you feel an emotional disconnect with your partner. I will share with you how my husband and I identified our emotional disconnect AND what we did to emotionally reconnect. 

The talk of intimacy is pretty touchy (pun not intended). It’s always hard, as you probably know, to own up to being faulty within your intimate relationships. It’s even harder when you feel like you need to “change yourself” to make your relationships work. Remember that fixing your marriage and strengthening your relationships don’t have to be tedious or dreadful. It’s time to accept where you have (most likely unintentionally) gone wrong and mend the pieces of your relationships that have rusted and broken over time. Put on a smile and know there IS hope.

It was REALLY hard work for Bret and I both to reconnect our marriage and build intimacy, and it’s something we are both incredibly proud of ourselves for today. It was definitely a long, patient journey, but we made it happen and our relationship now is stronger than ever before. I know you and your partner can make it happen too.

emotional connection

What You Will Learn In This Podcast on Emotional Connection: 

  • Why it’s easy to confuse romantic intimacy and emotional intimacy.
  • How I unintentionally shut down my husbands attempt to share his feelings with me when we were struggling with an emotional disconnect.
  • The definition of emotional disconnectedness.
  • Emotional intimacy = blind trust
  • Some signs that you may be emotionally disconnected.
  • You know your emotional connectedness is in a dark place if…
  • Are you withholding things from your partner that you would like them to provide you with?
  • What a lack of sexual desire can often indicate.
  • Physical touch is a big deal.
  • Parent child-nature in a relationship explained.
  • Disconnectedness sets in at about year 3
  • How we can make sure that we stay connected
  • Why understanding your partner’s past will help strengthen your connection with your partner.
  • A deep understanding comes from asking your partner deep questions…
  • The worst thing you can do to trigger emotional disconnectedness.


Thank you for listening in to this special edition of The Chalene Show, recorded live and from the heart. Even though my podcast episodes are always super real and honest… this episode, in particular, is raw and real and you’ll really enjoy it. Hopefully, you’ll feel like you were in the room listening in as well. If you are interested in attending a Chalene Show Live recording, dates will be up on the website soon. Keep an eye out!

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