Podcast – Improve Your Sex Life and Physical Intimacy

Lately, I’ve been getting a ton of messages from people asking how to improve physical passion lacking in their relationships. So, I put out a poll on social media and was taken aback by the results. The overwhelming majority of people rated their sex life a 5 or below (out of 10). These all too real — yet, unfortunate — results prompted this podcast today! I’m about to expose the 3 main reasons why passion and intimacy are lacking in relationships. While this subject may be uncomfortable to some, this podcast won’t feel uncomfortable as I do my best to bring levity to the issue! That said, due to the topic, I’m requesting you don’t listen when the kids are around.


You’ll hear…

  • The greatest challenge when it comes to their sex life (according to the respondents of my poll)
  • How to overcome having no libido
  • How what we focus on (re: sex) becomes our reality
  • About hormone testing and supplementing testosterone
  • How certain medications can alter your sex drive
  • How to (and the importance of) breaking up your routine
  • How getting in the mood at night starts in the morning (for Bret and I)
  • What to do if you have body insecurities
  • Turns offs in the bedroom
  • Role modeling a positive intimate relationship (to your children)
  • How you should and should NOT communicate to your significant other



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